Sunday, October 14, 2012

i like gifts...i's the thought that counts...yeah

 oh dear friends, you are going to be SO jealous. i don't mean to brag, but i have the best accountability partner in the history of the world. the world. no exaggeration.

amanda jo and i met up this weekend while our family was visiting dallas for the state fair. 
we met at my family's church garage sale, where they also have bouncy houses and sell hot dogs. they are multi-taskers and we appreciate that about them.

so her family and my family got together, bounced, ate, played, threw pecans at one another, and all that fun normal stuff families do together.
you don't throw pecans at others? no? you're strange. but we can still be friends. 

and then....she gave me the greatest gifts i could ever ask for:
an apron, a book i've been wanting, and an embroidered lovely gift! 
pictures will come soon... i know... pins and needles, people.

i think i'll just point all my family and other friends in her direction and say, "let her pick out my presents for you" because she was dead-on. 
love love love.

at the state fair, we ate girl scout cookies, fried girl scout cookies, fried s'mores, hot dogs, fried onion strings, and other fried things. 
"fried" is the main ingredient in state fair foods. don't knock it. it rocks. 
and here's the wee cutie patooties lookin' oh so sweet. they can't help it. they're just naturally adorable.

and i'm gonna need you to bear with me, because i, being the un-trendy one, have just discovered the joy of instagram for myself. i knew what it was, liked what i saw, but never used it. maybe i should have just called my blog "behind the curve."  so as i play with photos, you get to see what 99% of the united states discovered years ago. 
hi, i'm maggie may and i'm un-trendy. 


  1. Hehe... Your awesome.
    Whats your instagram name so i can follow you?

    I want / need an accountability partner,... Have never heard of that maybe i am un trendy as well.
    Friend anything equals yummy

  2. if you want more info on accountability partners, just click on the labeled posts. i think i put a schedule of what our time together looks like on one of those posts. as far as instagram, it's my full name, and since i'm trying to keep that private due to many factors, one being how our children became part of our family and stuff like that, i'll just put up any photos i do on instagram here on the blog so you can see.
    when are you going to blog again?! it's been 2 weeks, friend. 2 weeks. :(


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