Monday, September 3, 2012

even in loss...

this weekend we celebrated the life of the hubs' grandmother.
she was a lovely woman and will be greatly missed.

and as we came together to share stories and cry and hug and laugh and eat fruit snacks (the kids had to sit still for awhile and i bribe them...oh yes, i do) we had the privilege of learning more about the legacy she leaves behind.
a legacy of love, family, and devotion.

--a legacy that i get to see anytime i'm with our family. a family who deeply cares for one another and always finds room for one more. i am so very thankful for our family. for getting to spend time with them even though it was under sad circumstances. for the joy they give to the hubs and myself. it's refreshing. i'm even thankful for the whoopie cushions... thanks uncle squishy...that fart and fart and never stop. 

see? even during a weekend of loss and suffering and sadness, we still got to laugh. we still had moments of hilarity amongst the moments of ache.

even in loss, God is good.
let's say it again.
God is good.
yes, He is.


  1. God is so GOOD. He's so good to me.
    so sorry for the sadness.

    1. it is sad, but she is with Jesus. no more pain. that's the good news.


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