Wednesday, September 5, 2012

a child with one ear and my slippery grip

apparently i cut hair now.
it's a new thing.
i bought a set of clippers because i'm tired of paying $50 for my sons to get their hair cut every month to six weeks. my latino children have hair that grows into what i like to call a "sexy mexy 'fro" which i'm sure sounds ethnicist (it can't be racist... latino is not a race).

so...i cut their hair today. out back. on my new vintage stool the hubs surprised me with. and then i showered the children with the garden hose and let them pee outside. --don't tell anyone. i'm pretty sure i violated 17.2 homeowner's association rules.

if i were you, i would not ask me to cut your children's hair anytime soon.
i might take their ear off. and how sad would that be? a one-eared child tragically marred by a lady with a loose grip on the clippers. "slippery mcgee," that's what they'd call me. and i'd never be able to show my face in public again. that's a random sidenote. roll with it.

while i saved $50 in monetary worth, i think i might have screwed it up in the time department since instead of having quality time with my children like they do in magazines, i kept yelling at them to keep still and stop slouching and look up and quit it and i know it itches, just deal with it. --not exactly loving and endearing family time. but i digress.

the boys don't look too bad. and i think with practice i could get better...but even if i don' saves money and they're cute enough to get away with bad haircuts.
score one for the mama who is frugal! i shall henceforth be known as the frugalista. write it down.

i want to be a better steward of my time and money, since it's really not mine at all.  the time and money i have are HIS and i want to use them wisely. for His purposes. which is kinda convicting, especially when my one hair cut costs about as much as the haircuts for all four boys. dang. i'm seriously gonna work on this, peeps. and i'm not saying you need to grow your hair out and have nuns cut it for free or anything, i'm just saying what's going on here with me.

it's all HIS. so here's to you mamas out there, madly saving money like the awesome thrifty gals you are!
help me get some ideas....

what do you do to save money?

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  1. Hahahaha. I cut R's bangs all the always sounds like a good idea but ends in tragedy and much frustration.

    Our money saving methods..
    we do not have cable/satellite. Only netflix streaming. If we want to rent a movie we go to the redbox.
    we only eat out on Sunday.
    I plan our meals meticulously and freeze things for future use.
    I resale all of the girls clothes and that goes into their new clothes budget (this would probably be harder for you since you can hand me down and they probably get really well used!)
    We do bountiful baskets for all our veggies and produce. I split it with a friend (your family could probably eat it all but ours can't) so it is about 15$ a week for all our produce and bread!

    There are probably more but those have been our newest biggest things that work for us!


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