Monday, August 6, 2012

large hippos, slip-n-slides, and an american family

every year, my mom, sister, and myself take my boys up to kentucky to visit my brother and his family.
and we always have a blast.
the kids play.
we chat.
fun times are had by all.

we visited a place called "the cement lady" where they have every sort of cement yard ornament you could ever desire...or not desire. i don't know about you, but i always wanted a huge statue of a mermaid holding her womanhood in my back yard. 
doesn't everyone? i mean, isn't that the american dream, folks? 
mermaids and womanhood.

we also had fun playing games with the kids. and by "playing games" i mean that i made my sister do it while i sat down on a comfy couch and did absolutely nothing and pretended to be asleep if anyone came looking for me. 
i love you, sissy.

my brother and his family have THE most amazing driveway ever. in the history of the world.
i know you're thinking that driveways are pretty much created equal. and you couldn't be more wrong.
this one is the longest paved driveway i've ever seen. and the kids ride bikes on it all day long. and have races. and someone always cries because they lose the pretend race but we hug it out and move on.
every year the adults basically set up camp outside and just hang out while the kids ride. it's awesome. and very little work for me. and since i'm a bum, i'm a pretty big fan.

 and best of all: the huge, gigantor slip-n-slide made from a tarp.
kentucky is a hilly place. and we benefit greatly from it. here are my boys and their cousin awaiting the awesomeness that is the slip-n-slide. only minor injuries occurred. and unlike last year, my brother did not almost decapitate himself by flying through the air with the greatest of ease right between the playground fort and slide...which was a tiny window to glide through. 
i thought he did it with lots of finesse but he thought it'd be better not to attempt it again this year. 

 and for those readers out there who are thinking, "this is all well and good, but what's in it for me? what do i get out of reading this," here's your cue.
my bro's family has this adorable metal stool and i'm in love with it. i saw one in kansas a few months back, but my mother in law said it was no longer at that shop. if anyone knows where i can find an adorable metal stool like this, i will pay you large sums of money.
to clarify, large sums of money may, in reality, be something like a thank you card or a free dairy queen blizzard. but if you ask me, that's a win-win.

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