Sunday, August 5, 2012

ignoring children. just for fun.

so our adventure-telling begins, my friends.
don't worry. there were no karaoke horror stories to retell during this trip. 
shame, really.

we headed up to hang out with my parents and dear, old friends before we drove the long, arduous drive to kentucky.
up first: amanda jo.
we have been friends for-ev-er. 
back when her room was mint green and we listened to eve 6 and made jokes like, "your mom's a venereal disease." -true story. classy. don't judge.

but now we are accountability partners and hard-core pinterest fans (even though i'm not actually on pinterest. gasp! say it ain't so! --yep. true statement. don't cry.)
we've come a long way.
and now we have 5 kids between the two of us. she's contributing 1 to that mathematical equation. i feel like an overachiever.
hey, it's what i do.

anyway,  the kids and i stopped by her home to visit with each other and ignore our children while we discussed deep, philosophical issues such as, "oh my gosh where did you find that fabric it's adorable and i want it and can you make me a pillow like that?"

it was a refreshing and wonderful time. 
i love her and her family.
below are our beautiful children.
-not troublesome in the least. just sittin' there. minding their own business. chillin', if you will.
i'm pretty sure after this picture was taken, someone got poked in the eye or took something from someone or some such drama. but at this moment, peace reigned in the land.

and are you ready for this cuteness? can you handle it? 
amanda jo made the boys pillow-case-travel-bags. color-coded. with their initial on it.

 in the big pocket you put your pillow and in the smaller pocket you put your coloring books and loud, annoying devices to irritate others while riding in the car. 
may i suggest a whistle or rain stick. perhaps a shrill bird?
it was a lovely gift. and she pretty much rocks my face off with her awesomeness and craftiness and thriftiness and unicorn statues. yep. you read that right.
good times.

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