Wednesday, August 8, 2012


the hubs and i celebrated 8 years of wedded bliss yesterday.

so to commemorate this auspicious occasion, i thought i'd list 8 things i've learned during our marriage:

1. men and women are different. ("um, yeah!" you say to yourself. --but you and i both know that all the pre-marital classes in the world could not prepare a couple for the differences they'll incur while married.)
2. submission is not a four-letter word and when done biblically... is beautiful.
3. you can never overestimate the value of a more-experienced couple's mentorship.
4. sometimes men just take longer in the bathroom, and there ain't nothin' you can do about it.
5. make it how his mama made it. our first year of marriage i tried to make chocolate mousse, his favorite, and he did not like it. that's because he didn't actually like chocolate mousse... he liked the kind his nannie used to make. it's basically cool whip, milk, and chocolate pudding. now i know. and knowing is half the battle....
6. nagging never works. and pretty much does irrevocable damage. avoid at ALL costs.
7. he doesn't clean like i do and that's ok. i will be thankful for the help.
8. a marriage centered on Christ, His provision, and His goodness is a powerful force to be reckoned with.
9. and a bonus: a marriage is made up of two sinners. we are called to be the spouse God calls us to be regardless of how our spouse is acting. so, pretty much, no excuses.

as wives, may we appreciate the leader God has given us and encourage our man to become more like Him everyday. 

i am so thankful for you, justy-poo. you are the best husba-friend a gal could ask for.

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