Wednesday, July 4, 2012

peeing pants and rocking chairs, but no geriatric jokes

 so sorry to have been away. i've been trying to blog every day for a month, but we went out of town and were busy having exciting adventures. first up: rocking chair sitting. adventurers beware!
we always stop at a gas station about 1.5 hours away from my parents' house when we go up for a visit. our little bladders can't take it anymore, and this gas station is strategically placed at this exact location for a reason. apparently no one else's bladders can take anymore either, because the place is always packed. and as if the 5.5 hour drive isn't enough sitting, my children decided they had to partake in the rocking chair action.
we went up to my home town to attend a wedding of an old friend of mine. while we were up there, we planned a mini-vacation. the hub's bday is tomorrow, so to celebrate i booked us a segway tour. i am not sharing the photo of myself, because quite frankly, i look a bit dorky. "no!" you say in defiance and disbelief. "yes," i reply. dorky mc-dorkerson. so enjoy the pic of the hubs flashing gang signs while posing in downtown fort worth lookin' all gangsta. on his segway. which was named mater, by the way.
we had a grand ol' time. i lost control of my segway early on in the tour and nearly peed my pants. there was shouting and screeching and tears. what can i say? i'm a wuss. from then on, i was pretty close to the last one to get anywhere. back of the line, that's me. safe and sound. no peeing.
the hubs had a great time. he did everything the tour guide did, including trying to lift up his feet while riding, using no hands, and weaving in and out of traffic. yep. the hubs. a safety buff if i ever saw one.
stay tuned for more on our exciting adventures, which include but are not limited to: legoland discovery center and great wolf lodge. it was a howlin' good time. yep. that just happened.


  1. Those are so cool! Haha looks like a lot of fun

  2. Steven would love a Segway tour! I need details...

    oh...and those lil rocking chair sitters. adorable!

  3. it was fun! my mom did it a few weeks ago and gave me the idea. i thought if my mom could do it, i could do it. she's a cool gal.


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