Thursday, July 5, 2012

the hubs: revealed

 happy 31st birthday, hubs! 
we ate cream cheese mashed potatoes
and yummy fresh strawberries out of fiestaware bowls
and his fave cake: funfetti with strawberry icing, because he's not too old for fun...or fetti.
and to celebrate this great man, i thought i'd share some things you might not know about the hubs...
 1. he grew up in a small town and lived on a dirt road WITH ROCKS ON IT. 
--his nannie used to get offended if he or his brothers told people they lived on a dirt road. 
"no, we don't!" she'd say. "it has rocks on it!" 
whether you live on a road with dirt, rocks, or any other surfacing material, we accept all kinds here at "in utter defiance."

2. he does not like being tickled. shame, really. i do so love to shove my fingers in people's armpits and wiggle them. 
3. when feeling extra silly, the hubs enjoys speaking in a russian or scottish accent. 
"wow," you say to yourself, "those are nothing alike."
--you'd be correct in that assessment. they are not. he's a man of diversity.
4. he likes to make up his own gang signs. his speciality is the gang sign for the year he graduated. 
"99! what what!!"
5. he got punched in the face by a girl once. -yeah, that'd be me. --the one who's supposed to love and respect and honor him forever punched him right in the face. i only take partial blame. i told him if he didn't stop bothering me, i'd punch him. he bothered. i punched. the rest is history. but we are still married. and we still love each other. and that, my friends, is a great marriage built to last a lifetime. ask yourself: could i punch my husband in the face and he'd still love me?
--if the answer is yes, you're set. if the answer is no, that's ok. what the crap is wrong with you that you'd go around punching your husband anyway?! aren't you supposed to love and respect and honor him forever?! dang! 

*this blog does not encourage the punching-in-the-face of others. punching people in the face often results in a backlash of physical violence, crying, fighting, and in extreme cases, pure unadulterated hatred. 

happy birthday, love.


  1. Just wanted to stop by and say hello!
    Happy Birthday to your hubby.
    Your boys are absolutely adorable.
    I kicked my hubby in the butt one time.
    (Why did I feel the need to confess?) :)
    And he still loves me.
    Celebrating 15 years this month!
    Bless you and your sweet brood of boys.

    1. thanks! your brood is pretty awesome as well. congrats on the 15 years! the butt-kicking only made y'all stronger, right? ;)
      love your blog! just started reading it two days ago (referred by another blog) and i'm kinda addicted already. --blog stalker much? :)

  2. I've been away from the blogs for awhile and you no longer have muddy feet! LOL. Sounds like all is well out there in hot Texas.


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