Friday, July 6, 2012

legoland and horror

as promised, vacay pics are here!
(the crowds cheer...."aaaahhhh")
we drove a loooong way to a wedding last weekend and while there, we went to legoland discovery center...where dreams come true.
wait, that's not...right...

anywho, who can resist showing off their adorable brood to a bunch of internet friends. i like to call them "friend-ternets." --no i don't. i made that up right this second. that one's free. you're welcome.

we had a great time. i'll mention the auditory horror later, but for the most part, it was fun and celebration for all. cars, racing, lego giraffes, a lego blimp. what more could any family want?
are you still thinking about the auditory horror? so am i. read on, dear one.

here's judah driving his wheels. pretty soon he'll be doing his own laundry and talking to girls. ah, my how time flies. 

here's gabe and elijah rockin' it out with lego race cars while lookin' good.
do you like how i randomly remove the "g" from the endin' of "ing" verbs? 
ok, now the auditory horror: during our brief but lovely stay here, we discovered what appeared to be a karaoke corner. children we did not know (and usually they're much less cute that way) were loudly yelling singing at the top of their lungs in shrill, horrifying tones that could make grown men cry. who the heck thinks "hey i'm creating a store for children who love legos. i think i might also put in loud audio sources that allow children of all ages to partake in the wonderful gift of music. and by music, i mean HORROR"? that person should be shot. but not before being forced to listen to the previously mentioned "gift of music." you could seriously hear it all over the entire store. and parents: i know your kids are cute, but auditory impairment is not. so take a picture and get that kid off the stage. holy cow. my ears were bleeding.
ok, maybe that was a bit dramatic, but only a little. i'm not sure if my ears will ever be the same. or my love for karaoke. that i may or may not have had. 

 moving on: 
in the photo below, asher looks sad. it's probably because we took the fruit snacks away. 
"please, sir, may i have some more?"

holding the bereft toddler is my sister. ain't she grand? any lady who would willingly come to legoland with 4 boys age 6 and under is a jewel. way to go, sis. you won the award of best auntie ever. 
and it was a tight race. the aunties who took videos of those kids who were screeching at the top of their lungs yelling unintelligible words and posted it on the web were in the running, too. 
but you beat 'em. 
you beat 'em good. 

so go to legoland. and enjoy. and bring ear plugs. or wire cutters. that'll show 'em. 
"oh you came for a joyful time of singing? TOO BAD! you're at LEGOLAND!"

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