Saturday, July 7, 2012

vacay:my hubs wishes he was harry potter

now that we've covered the auditory horror discussed in yesterday's edition of our family vacation, we can move on to happier, lighter events that were enjoyed by all.

after legoland, the fam and i headed out to great wolf lodge. indoor waterpark, kid-friendly hotel, bunk  beds for the younguns...marvelous.
we only stayed one night because the hotel is so expensive, BUT they let you use the waterpark and hotel from 1pm the day of check-in until 9pm the night you check out. SO...we saved money AND enjoyed our time there.  

they had this game called MagicQuest where you can buy wands, activate them, and then go on a quest throughout the hotel. below, asher is using his wand to light up a crystal. for anyone out there who doesn't like the whole magic deal, ignore that part.
the kids had fun but the more important part is that the hubs looked and acted like an 8-year-old boy. he was so excited. it was dorky AND adorable. two things i love most.
i'm pretty sure if we weren't there, he would still have done the quest. yep. that's my husband. 
a grown man. living like harry potter. i mean, who doesn't have that dream?

here's me and my brood in a treehouse near the lobby.

here's the hubs with the wee ones before the bedtime story and night time show. the kids weren't super interested in it, but i always enjoy seeing animated moose heads talk with animated owls about mother nature, so it was a win for all of us. or was it?
besides fearing the death of our young children (who are not capable swimmers) in the awesome water park, and wishing i had brought different shoes to trail behind my quest-engaged hubs, oh, and children...right...the children...ahem... it was a wonderful family trip. 
we've already talked about going again next year. 

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  1. We went to great wolf a few years ago in va. It was really fun.... Expensive ridiculosly expensive.... But the kids loved it. Sara who i think was about 7 or 8 at the time we went (now 13) played that magic quest with my hubs.... They had so much fun. She still has her wand on her dresser.....great pic of you and your boys.... Love it.


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