Thursday, June 28, 2012

even while picking out curtains

i've been looking for the perfect curtains for our living/dining room for a few months now.
i don't think of myself as a picky person, but apparently i'm quite the high-maintenance broad when it comes to panels of fabric flanking my windows. who knew? and yes, i'm aware there are children starving in southeast asia. my flanking cotton-blends are a first world issue.

i won't bore you with the details, but there were several things that were keeping me from finding the perfect "window treatment," which in my day was simply called "curtains." the basic problem being that every curtain i could find was too small.

so a lady came out to our home today with samples and helped me decide on our custom order. and wouldn't you know it, we picked something totally different than what i had in mind. and the hubs likes it, too, which never happens.

this is the fabric. it turned out to be much more expensive than we originally thought, but it's neutral colors that looks awesome with our living room. and as previously mentioned, the store-bought stuff wasn't cuttin' it this time.
anywho, during this little visit from our curtain fairy, linda (a magical name, eh?), we started talking about her walk with Christ. and then we talked a little about my walk with Christ. and then we talked about Scripture. and sons growing up to be godly men. and husbands. and praying for them. and great Bible studies. and art by my friend who is restoring a 100 year old home to minister to people. it was an amazing conversation. and all of a sudden our visit that was supposed to be curtains and hardware galore turned into a 2.5 hour lovely conversation where we found encouragement, a listening ear, and wisdom.
how crazy is that? God can use our day-to-day activities to remind us of Him and show us more of who He is as well as what He desires for us, even while picking out curtains.

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