Friday, July 13, 2012

a paarrrrrty

Aarrrrr, matey. 
we had ourselves a wee pirate paarrrrty tonight for a dear friend. 
"oh one of your children or children's friends?" you ask. 
nope. adults. all of us. 
we're cool like that.

for our first activity, we ate delicious food. in my book, that should ALWAYS come first.
(priorities, people.)
isn't this shark watermelon amazing? -the things our friends learn on youtube!
starfish sandwiches, goldfish, and a pirate ship cake. delish.

 for our second activity, we had a photo scavenger hunt. since it was a pirate party, we all dressed as pirates. well, except for christina. she was a parrot. creative, eh!
in the directions, we were told to make piratey faces. is "piratey" a word? is now. deal with it.

-so pardon my scary expression. i had a wig on and it was wicked hot and so part of the scowl is acting the part and part of it is anger at the south texas heat with fake hair sticking to my neck. grr. the photo above was supposed to be our group in a pool. bam. done.

 here i am with my swagga. dang, i look good. 
in this one we were supposed to wear hats. so i'll put this all together for yah:
a kung foo outfit (the most piratey thing my husband owns) tucked into boots, a scarf, two bandanas (to hold my wig together), and a fedora hat. yep. i'm a hottie.

do you like our friend mike? he wore a mop for hair. reminded me a bit of a cabbage patch kid... with scurvy.
and you know what? we won. why? because we're amazing. and creative. 
and possibly because the judges were afraid of us. 
hey, whatever works, peeps. whatever works.


  1. That looks like a ton of fun! Totally. I love it when adults do cool things and don't just entertain the kids!

  2. well, we are a bunch of cool cats. that's what cool people say, right?
    hope your summer is going wonderfully!


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