Thursday, July 12, 2012

revolutionary parenting and dry-heaving

ever feel overwhelmed with the idea of teaching your children about the Lord? i know i do. 
and being in a pit of bright and colorful balls is pretty much synonymous with the word "overwhelmed," right? i thought you'd agree. 

 i'm aware that we're not alone in this endeavor of raising our children to be godly adults. we serve the powerful, almighty God. if He can part a sea and rain manna down from heaven, i'm pretty sure He can aid me in teaching my children to love Him and love their neighbor as themselves. 

as a sunday school group, we've been reading "revolutionary parenting" by george barna.
he's the one who does all the Christian-based studies that they mention on christian radio stations, in between the 10 songs they play over and over again. 
anyway, the study came about because out of all children raised going to church, only 20% continue to go after high school. so mr. barna did a study on the 20% and what their parents did that helped them to continue in their walk of faith as an adult.
i love this study. it discusses what it takes to raise spiritual champions. --which, as we all know, is a pretty daunting task. --one many feel so overwhelmed by, they leave it to the church to accomplish it. we are half-way through the study and i am enjoying it so much. 

 in chapter 4, it discusses godly character traits that we should work on developing in our children, such as honesty, kindness, etc. and the whole class really struggled with how to carry this out in day-to-day life. later that week, one of the women in the study sent me a link to this wonderful blog, sarah's sweeties,  that actually had the character traits not only listed, but had free printables, one for each trait, with a verse and a definition of each one. amazing. i plan on printing them out and laminating them. you can, too, and then we'll be printing buddies. i know you've always wanted a printing buddy. today's the day that dream comes true, friend. i know... it's an emotional moment for both of us. 

so...peeps...if you are interested in raising children who become godly adults or think you might be interested someday or you are bored and want something to read or your friend is having a baby or adopting a child or you want to be able to strike up a conversation with someone about discipling children, check out this study. it is very rewarding. 
and i'll provide the paper bags for all of us when the dry-heaving and hyperventilating starts because we are all so overwhelmed by such a huge task.
you're welcome.

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