Saturday, July 14, 2012

frosting faces and puddle jumping

today was wonderful.
we rested, bounced, ate, read, drew, danced in the rain, cuddled, cooked, baked, cleaned, prepared, and  mellowed out. 
it was lovely.

and the best part? 
eating chocolate chip cookies while watching burn notice with the hubs
and spending the day with my family.

how's your weekend going?


  1. Hey! It's your cousin with 7 kids...we have birthday #3 this Wed. and birthday #15 in August - time sure flies! Every once in awhile I read your blog and always enjoy it. You are an amazing mom, and what a blessed family you have. I just wanted to say hi and let you know that those cute pictures I send of the kids...they are usually the result of about 25 takes. You know how it is! I love it when one shot finally turns out. And, yes, it's about the only split second of the day when they are all happy (or at least looking somewhat happy) at the same time. Take care and tell your parents hello from Germany! CC

    1. yay! so good to hear from you! i actually talked to christy today so i had contact with 2 out of the 3 of you!! :)
      and i appreciate the lovely kids in the pictures on my mom's piano. i like to imagine that all your moments are like those: with matching outfits and sweet, smiling children. ;)

    2. Hey!
      I don't know how "anonymous" to be on here, but I don't just want to give you my email here on your blog, but ask Christy for it and it'd be good to exchange emails. I don't do facebook, either. I think your blog is spot on. Hang in there with the stressful parenting. You are so right - do not grow weary in well-doing. You WILL reap the rewards! The right thing is rarely the easy thing.
      I learned something in my quiet time this morning when reading Proverbs 19. If you are like me, you pray for patience daily. It's been a constant prayer request of mine since Joshua was 2. Well, I haven't had much victory in that area, maybe a bit as the kids have gotten older, but not as much as I think I should have. Anyway, the Lord showed me a "missing link", so to speak, in how to acquire patience. Maybe you already know this, but I didn't. Prov 19:20 says that when we listen to and accept advice and instruction it leads to wisdom. Then Prov 19:11 says that a man's wisdom gives him patience. So, the more I learn Biblically, ie, studying the Word, heeding the sermons, following advice of wise counselors/books, then I will begin to demonstrate patience in my life, as a result (I think)of being able to see things from a Biblical perspective. So, rather than just asking for patience and hoping to practice it effectively when situations arise, I need to spend more time learning the Word and getting to know the Lord better, being filled with the Spirit, becoming more like Christ. Then I will have victory in this area of patience, as it is a fruit of the Spirit. Patience doesn't just come to you. You become patient.
      I don't know what got into me, giving you that sermonette. I just felt led to encourage you with what God taught me just today. I hope it helps you; not that you were asking for help! I just remember the years with lots of little ones, how exhausting they are (the years and the little ones!) and how much it helped to hear from someone a bit farther down the path than I, that it does get better/less exhausting. You are deep in the days of training right now, and I think you are doing a wonderful job. Your boys are so blessed to have you for a mommy. Keep pressing on!

  2. thanks for sharing what you're learning! i feel like i have an epiphany every couple of days. i have SO much to learn!


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