Wednesday, July 18, 2012

i've been holding this in...

oh my gosh i have been waiting for you to get here! 
whew. i feel better. i've been holding that in for two days.

my friend, stormy, had a book of crafts you could do with 1 yard of fabric (i'm sorry i don't have the title) and we picked this cottage apron to make in 1 day. it would have worked, except in all sewing endeavors i end up pricking myself, cursing like a sailor, and crying because the machine won't work or because i have to pull out a seam and i hate that so very, very much. sounds like a good 'ol time, right?
so now you know what you're in for if i ever invite you over for a sewing party.
i started this apron back when we had our girls' weekend and all i had left to do was shorten the neck strap and sew on the waist straps. and it took me a month and a half to get around to it.
so i finished it two nights ago after reading a blog that had 191 free apron patterns and i nearly wet myself. then thought, "i can't do another apron until i finish the last one."
--now let's clarify here. by "i can't do another apron," i actually mean, "i can't sew a straight line without stormy there telling me how to do it." so don't be jealous of my mad sewing skills actuality...i stink at it.
but you wouldn't know it from this handy-dandy awesome apron, wouldya?
rock-on, faux seamstresses, rock on.


  1. love your apron, LOVE it, you know I have only made one apron and I gave it away as a gift, you have inspired me. Is the book you used One Yard Wonders? cute projects in that book.

    1. i have absolutely no idea what book we used. i meant to ask stormy before doing this post, but forgot.
      you would make ADORABLE aprons...but be careful. you might get addicted! i have like 7. and i'm not even a good cook!

  2. Love it! I want so badly to not suck at sewing. I have this entire book of "easy to make" skirts but no courage to attempt it!!!

    1. oh i SO suck at sewing. i mess up all the time. and if i'm not messing up, the machine is messing up. and i always want to quit before i'm done. if you attempt your skirts, put on some awesome music, clear a space, and go to town. i always rush and then get frantic and it's a mess.
      that's my unknowledgeable two-cents.


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