Monday, July 16, 2012

dodgeball tournaments in the foyer

do you like my shirtless boys? there's something about summertime and shirtless little guys that makes me happy. --like they're having an epic childhood of awesomeness climbing trees and eating honeysuckle. when in fact, they are really just sitting in our house making forts, eating snocones, and reading frog books. but hey, frog books could be epic, right?
 i got online like an hour ago to do this post and instead of writing, i've been reading about random 
otter attacks, couples who sleep in separate bedrooms, and free apron patterns.
now that's productivity, friends.
do not fret, though. i already had in mind what i wanted to discuss with you. ooh. i used the word "discuss." that sounds serious. don't worry, this isn't a DTR (define the relationship) chat or anything. i just think all day long, "oh my dang, i need to think of something cute or outstanding to put on the blog tonight after i watch crap tv and enjoy sitting on my bum for the greater part of the evening." 
anyone else do that? anyone? bueller? 

one of my new favorite parts of our day is after dinner. during the school year it's pretty chaotic around here. and bedtime is early. and i'm so tired. and i'm shoving kids in bed. "shhh. shhh. go to sleep and be quiet. now. now. do it. now. quiet. no questions. it's bedtime. shush." as i firmly stroke the side of their face in a creepy way.
not really. but kinda.

BUT in the summer, we are free. they stay up later, i clean up the kitchen, they put laundry away, the hubs plays games on his iPad with them reads to them. it's glorious. and it's usually calm. occasionally there's a dodgeball tournament going on in our front hallway (which i call a foyer to make it sound fancy), but usually it's low-key.
and i think to myself... what a wonderful world.
and when school starts, we will enjoy it. i love sharpened pencils and new backpacks. 
but for right now, with the slower pace, it's magnificently lovely around here.

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