Thursday, July 19, 2012

25 pounds

stealing from my friend, missie, i decided to put some things on my summer to-do list.
one of them was to get together some food to donate to our local food pantry.
today as we loaded up, we prayed for the people that would receive the food.
and then we took it.
and they weighed it.
and then weighed the kids, because the lady was nice.
and they thanked us.
and we talked about how God gives us everything we need. and out of what He gives us, we need to share. we need to love our neighbor as ourselves and be servant-hearted.
and i was so proud of those boys helping.
25 pounds of food. --for those who don't have much. and who, through going to that local food pantry, will hear the truth about God and His great love for us.

may we be quick to give and quick to teach our children about how God desires us to live.
what lessons are y'all working on with your kiddos?

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  1. I like this! We may have to do this...

    Im working on the slow to whine lesson ;)


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