Sunday, June 24, 2012

with sprinkles. always with sprinkles.

 friends, ice cream makes everything better.
here's the family enjoying their treat this evening.
sprinkles were had by all. it was quite the event. 

 elijah's an intense fellow. see above.

 this afternoon at the store, gabe and i were on a date. i told him to remember "2:1 ratio" for a recipe and he told me, "i''ll remember, mom. wait. what was it again? 2:1 cheerio?" 
 judah apparently needs to go potty. or is just really excited. i often can't tell.
 the hubs. peeps, he helped hang twinkle lights and a decorative outdoor item today. the man is a stud.  --who apparently stares at ice cream in a beautiful orange fiestaware bowl. is he biting his lip there? wow.
not the greatest pic, but i finally have twinkle lights on my back porch and i had to take a picture. there was much jumping up and down with glee when my husband plugged them in. now if it would only get cool enough to go outside... but hey, i'll take what i can get! 
2 items checked off the honey-do list! way to go, babe! 


  1. The boys are adorable enjoying their sprinkly ice cream. I wish i had a back porch to hang twinkle lights on...... I have back steps maybe i could come up with something.....

  2. after seeing your blog, i have NO DOUBT you could come up with something, you resourceful lady, you!
    and not just "something," no, something gorgeous that would make me swoon.


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