Saturday, June 23, 2012

crisis averted

i don't think i've posted this yet.
cute, eh?

i know what you're thinking:
"oh maggie may, you are a miracle worker! look at that! it's a feat of nature! four boys under the age of 6.5 years of age...all looking at the camera with no one crying, snotty-nosed, or poking anyone! wow!"
ps: whenever i type this, in my head i hear a high-pitched minnesota accent. so if we ever become real-world friends and meet in person, i'm gonna need you to make that dream come true.

you know our secret to beautiful photos with copious amounts of children? fruit snacks.
a friend of mine took the photo and she came prepared. we don't fool around during photo time. hard core snacks abound to prevent breakdowns. and i share with the kids, too.

ha. get it? i share? ha.

my cousin has seven children all under the age of 14 or so (they are a pretty awesome family, not gonna lie) and my family receives beautiful pictures of all the kids, usually in color-coordinated outfits and everyone is smiling. i stare at it wide-eyed with mouth agape. there aren't enough fruit snacks in the world, people...IN THE WORLD!

i think i've solved my previously-mentioned first-world problem. --dang, that's a lot of hyphens.
i did some technology finagling (is that really how you spell it?) and now i am blogging from a different computer and there's a picture in the post. 
whew. crisis averted.

and just in case anyone is thinking that they know my kids all have biblical names but they can't remember which kid is which because they rarely see pictures on this blog due to the previously mentioned first-world problem of grainy, mediocre pictures not posting, the order is as follows:
(left to right) judah, asher, elijah, gabe

and so you're not too jealous about the cuteness of this picture and the children all being in tact and whatnot, 5 seconds did not pass after the taking of this picture before two children were covered in ants and i was yelling like a crazy lunatic while swatting at said children to remove ants. where's THAT picture? 

enjoy your weekend!

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