Friday, June 22, 2012

adventure of the day

today we had an adventure. one with paint and fake marshmallows and wee shopping carts.

we went with some friends to a children's museum. the adults were outnumbered. 'twas a risky move... 8 children to 3 adults. they could have planned a coux if they had wanted. but they lacked the organizational skills to see it through, so it ended up being a beautiful morning!

did you know that there are some chick-fil-a's in this world where police officers actually stand by to direct traffic? amazing. the wonders of america will never cease to amaze me.

but back to the children's museum:
there's a grocery store, ambulance, campsite, hospital, train set, cave, longhorn, construction site, and more.
but our favorite part? running around like banshees. with wet paint on our hands. yep.

no, i jest. it was great. and the best part? we were with friends.
i bet you wish you could see all the beautiful pictures that i took. and then you could say, "wow! those kids have grown! oh look, how fun! i wish i could've been there! oh, honey, look: maggie may looks really tired thesedays." but alas, my phone is old, the pictures stink, and this dinky computer that i'm on freezes every couple of minutes.
oh, first world problems! you will rue the day you made it difficult for me to post mediocre, grainy pictures on my blog!

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