Monday, June 25, 2012

mad geese, angry birds and hens clucking?

can someone PLEASE notice the title of this post and then read the whole story and then give me mad props on my "bird" theme?? can i get a hallelujah?

so today we went to walmart to buy some gifts for a care package that we will send to our missionary friends in ecuador. we're trying to teach the boys about missionaries, and in doing so, show our friends some extra love. but you can't go to walmart with four boys (that are their father's sons) and not buy the new angry birds game. i actually think all teachable moments were lost after finding this game. because anytime i'd say, "what else should we get for amanda and larry?" they'd say, "candy. but can we keep this game?!" over and over and over. "yes. you can keep the game. now care about somebody else. i'm trying to teach you a life lesson about praying for and caring for missionaries, dang it! now listen and learn!"--what's that they say about the best laid plans?

this is the boys enjoying the game. AFTER we packed the care package. i tried to make sure they had their priorities right.

then this afternoon, our lovely friends visited us. and by "visit" i mean what any normal person means.
--come hang out with us and throw stale bread at large geese who will peck at you and hiss at you until you eventually throw all the bread at them and quickly herd your children toward the car as fast as you can before a mad goose viciously attacks you and scars a child for life. this happens to everyone, yes?

these are our beautiful friends. at this point i was sweating through my shirt and cursing at the geese. classy, huh.

then tonight....TONIGHT...i don't think you can handle it...TONIGHT(me yelling at you excitedly. don't be scared) i was invited to go to a get-together of adoptive moms in our town. i knew no one. i knew one beautiful lady well enough to get invited on a fluke when she happened to visit our church yesterday while my husband and i spoke on adoption. but that's the extent of my friendships. i went. i knew no one when i got there.                it. was. amazing!
i cannot express to you what it was like to sit in a home with 5 other ladies, hearing their stories about how God had redeemed our children, shown He has a plan for our families, and demonstrated Himself in all things to be sovereign --from the biggest ordeal to the smallest detail. let me tell you: if you're doubting it, i can reassure you. He is sovereign.

needless to say, i came home and basically gushed to the hubs about all the goings-ons. i am thrilled to be a part of this community. i can see that God is moving. and i would give my left leg to see more of how God makes families. and to encourage those that are seeing Him lead in the direction of fostering or adopting to pursue it and persevere, because it is worth it. our children are worth it.

whoa, this got deep for something that started out with an angry birds game and mad-goose feeding.

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