Friday, May 11, 2012

i'm a taker

laundry is piled up, there's bathing suits and towels everywhere outside, tomatoes are growing on the vine, candles are lit, and i'm sitting here with you instead of doing10 different, more productive things.
because i like you better.
don't get a big head.
i feel like the ebb and flow of life is really ebbing and flowing lately. i'm either hard-core-let's-do-this productive or oh-well-it'll-get-done-eventually procrastinating. it appears there's no middle ground with me.
--the hubs would not be shocked by this statement. he's a pretty low-key guy. i tend to be a bit more high-strung.
recently a friend gave us a small armoire that is absolutely lovely. this is the second free armoire i've received in the last 6 months and i figure a few of you are about ready to kill me. please refrain. my friends are givers. and me? apparently i'm a taker.

so the armoire showed up a few days ago with the aid of my lovely parents. and it's pretty dang adorable. i've put it in our dining room (which is small to begin with) and i like it. needs something on top of it to finish it off but it really looks nice.
the other armoire is in our guest room. it's huge. at lunch a few days ago, i told my friend, "yeah, i rearranged that room again. i think it's finished now." --to which she said, "'ve said that 3 times."
so maybe i like to change my mind. and rearrange. and redecorate. and switch out the knick-knacks. and readjust. but that's ok with me. because things feel new. fresh. different.
and in the midst of unending piles of laundry, dishes, and other necessary chores, a little bit of "different" goes a long way.

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