Thursday, April 26, 2012

last helpful tip

last time i wrote about helpful blogs. the ones that give you 15 new ways to do something you really don't like. for example: "quick and easy ways to wash a skillet." i mean, you just WASH it, right?
so i've given you my first tip.
here's the second and last tip that i've found useful in our home:
assigning days of the week.
we have four boys. and they fight. a lot. who gets to do what and when. incessantly.
so in order to combat this a bit, we assigned days of the week.
for now it goes like this:
gabe: monday; judah: tues; elijah: wed; asher: thurs; and then we repeat the eldest three because asher doesn't know his days of the week yet and we use this to our advantage.
on your day of the week you get to:
1. pray for meals and pick a name from our prayer jar to pray for
2. pick a movie to watch if we have time
3. decide any random detail of the day that needs deciding (like if we eat out that day, they might get to decide where)
4. do the biggest, special job around the house. --like helping water plants or be a helper in the kitchen

so for now, it really works! on your day you get perks and responsibilities. probably we'll use this to help even when they're older and fighting over the front seat. --Lord, help us all.

so there you go. all my 4 years of parenting knowledge. 2 tips.
i could never write a book :)

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