Friday, April 20, 2012


am i the only one who reads blogs and, at times, feels more discouraged than encouraged by all that i'm reading? i look at these beautiful blogs and think, "dang, i've got nothin'." --now i don't mean i'm not incredibly blessed with all that i need and more. i just mean that i don't think i could put together a blog post with helpful hints for other mothers or wives or women in general.

then i thought to myself: wait a second. i have four boys who are growing and know they are loved and who don't hit strangers with sticks while taking walks (most of the time). so maybe i DO have something to offer. so here's one of the two things i came up with that work well for our home that i haven't seen on every blog ever created.

as a mom of 4 young children, i am always trying to organize our home in a way that makes more sense or that makes things easier. one of the things we do at our home to save on confusion is color-coding. when we first got judah and asher, the hubs had the fantastic idea of assigning everyone a color. gabe is green, judah is red, elijah is blue, and asher is yellow. we use the color-coding for things like:

-baskets for shoes/belongings
-plates and cups

it works pretty wonderfully for our home, although it IS difficult to find multi-colored toothbrushes without a pink one or orange one thrown in. with color-coding we know who's left out their dishes, kids know where to put their shoes (and where to find them), and we don't share as many germs when we're sure of who each towel belongs to, which in our season of plague-like illnesses this year, actually helps a lot.

so there you go. one of my TWO helpful tips. the other one will come next time. i bet yah can't wait, can you?

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  1. I love that you are sharing these tips and I know they will come in handy someday!


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