Friday, April 13, 2012


we've been planting
we've been cleaning
we've been organizing
we've been sorting
and you know what?
you wouldn't know it if you came for a visit.

it's things that make me feel super happy and productive when i'm doing it, and then at night, i realize that if i hadn't told someone i did it, no one would know.

deep thought: if a mom cleans and sorts and organizes and no one is there to see it, did it happen? ;)

but come the middle of may when we have a gigantic garage sale that can pay for closet shelving, i'll think to myself, "so i DIDN'T hallucinate. i did, in fact, do something productive."

so here's to those who are productive: you know who you are, even if no one else does.
--oh, and good job!

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  1. Feels good to get that all done. And it feels awesome to have huge garage sales and make some extra money!


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