Monday, March 5, 2012

parenting journal

gabe had a birthday. he's 6 now. i keep telling him that he has to stop growing, but he doesn't listen. my sweet boy.

i was reading over my parenting journal last night. i started it when we got gabriel. i write in it about once a month, updating on cute things the kids are saying, favorite foods, difficult behaviors, etc. it's fun to go back and look at how far they've come. and to read things i'm already forgetting.

i had forgotten that gabriel called our dogs "bad dog!" for weeks after he came to us. i had forgotten that elijah used to do a happy march. judah has always said the cutest things. i wrote a few weeks after we got him that he makes mad faces that remind me of a duck. true. and asher has apparently thrown tantrums for a long time. --longer than i remember.

if you haven't started a parenting journal, i'd like to encourage you to start now! some people use their blogs to do it. i like having a hard copy to look at whenever i see it laying around. if you only write in it once a month, it's not super high maintenance and just becomes something you do and then get to enjoy. if you wanted to get super fancy, you could have a different journal for each child. whatever floats your boat.
happy journaling!

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  1. What a great idea.. Wish i had done that with my older 2.


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