Wednesday, February 22, 2012

organized and beautiful

i've been trying to make the areas in our home and the areas in my life that are disorganized or not much fun into organized, beautiful spaces that i enjoy. i read a blog about making closet spaces into office spaces and that gave me the momentum i needed to get a desk space going. instead of a closet, i'm using my kitchen. i'm there constantly anyway.
our kitchen has lots of counter space, but no "desk" area. so i took a corner closest to the oven, out of sight from the entry of our home, and i'm really enjoying it.
the basket above holds things like our discipleship books, gabriel's sight words flashcards for school, and his homework notebook.

i found the memo board on the wall at target for $8. it looks like just a canvas but you can write on it with dry erase markers and it has worked great! i put a pretty flowering plant and scripture verses in the space as well.

i have made this space super practical by having things right there where i need them. gabe has weekly readers he brings home, so those have a place. box tops for school go in the little pot. and my accordian file folder behind the basket keeps the things that need to be held onto for awhile. i am really enjoying my space being pretty and useful.

do you have a beautiful workspace? let me see it!


  1. Looooove it!!!! I don't really have a space like that right now but I am searching the depths of craigslist for an inexpensive, vintage, metal teacher's desk for somewhere aroudn $50. Once I do, watch out world!!!!

  2. Very nice! :) I'm looking forward to organizing my desk in my new home in a few short weeks. No idea where I'm going to be able to put it, though.


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