Tuesday, May 29, 2012

my life...status style

i got off facebook. i closed my account. i wanted to be more intentional with the time i am given.  -to be intentional with relationships. -to have more one-on-one conversations, more seeking out, carving out time to learn about someone. -to show them i care and will make an effort and get messy.

for the first week or two ( i know this is crazy and i'm ridiculous) i kept thinking of status updates whenever anything of any importance (or unimportance) happened.

here are a few status updates that came to mind:
-being held hostage by 4 men under 4 feet tall. please send help.
-my toes are pretty
-nothing's more terrifying than hearing, "mom! asher's holding his poop!"
-i love my mother-in-law
-my new sectional sofa looks amazing as does my new custom painting hanging in my living room. jealous yet?
-just how unheathy IS reese's puffs cereal if eaten for every meal?
-twinkle lights make everything better
-laundry. never. ends.
-my kids had their first lemonade stand today. entrepreneurs!!!
-bright peonies+mason jars=happiness in a jar
-my husband is amazing
-is summer here yet?
-excuse me...am i wearing black and white stripes? do i have a whistle? am i on the sidelines? no? then i'm not your referee, you naughty children!

there's my life...status style.

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