Sunday, January 15, 2012

you know all those beautiful pictures online of lovely rooms that go together wonderfully? those are staged. surprised? --so these pictures are real and not staged and therefore not picture perfect. enjoy! a few rooms in our house are finished. it's pretty thrilling. here's asher's room. the painting is one of the ones by my friend stephanie cherry mentioned a few posts ago.
this is his play corner. i need to find something to hang on this wall, but that'll wait awhile.

these pictures are from an old book of my cousin's. i framed them and now we have a transportation room for him!

asher's bed

--so we've painted. and by "we" i mean we hired a guy because can you imagine us doing it ourselves... four boys covered in paint and carrying it all through the house? above is elijah's room. it's green (haven) and tan (softer tan). i love it. his was the first room that was finished.

the colors are darker in person.

these are the new plates i bought at pier one and love with all my heart. my friend merrick gave me the plate racks. the mirror is from kirklands. our dining room is now finished except for curtains.

this is our new tablecloth. one wall in our kitchen is deep blue. this tablecloth brings it out beautifully.

i bought these pillows last week and they are so comfortable to lounge on. again, blue.

and although i don't have pictures yet, my parents brought me my grandmother's antique sewing machine and a friend gave me the antique wardrobe but we still need to put it together. so stay tuned for that.

i am finally feeling that it's cozy here. come
on over and i'll make some cookies. mmm.

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