Monday, January 9, 2012

halleluyer, it's done!

today was a big day. our house painting...done! bam! take that!

the whole house now looks warm and inviting and wonderful instead of like a white, dull, blank slate where every fingerprint shows up.

the pic above also includes my beautiful teapot that i bought for $2.50. it's lovely. and i don't drink tea, so it's like glasses that make people look cool and intelligent even though they see just fine. poser.

so to commemorate the end of this long project of painting, we had fajitas and sang together at the table. oh yeah, that's how we roll. our family of 6 sits around the table and jams out to pink, ben folds, tom petty, you name it. and the best part? asher has started doing the robot. what goes better with a painted house, fajitas, and tom petty? the robot.

i'm gonna start charging lessons for coolness. --because if there's one thing my kiddos are, it's cool. send your kids to me and for 10$ they'll come back super cool. and gangsta. can't go wrong with cool and gangsta.

i'm here to help. you're welcome.

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  1. I need pictures of this super cool gangsta painted house!


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