Saturday, January 7, 2012

my friends, the cherry family, are working to refurbish a very old house. they call it gomer's house and it's already being used to minister to the community as well as anyone around who needs a safe, encouraging, restful place. you can read more about the cherry family and their adventures here. stephanie decided to start selling some paintings for $20 each to raise money for gomer's house. you can custom order them to be whatever color and say whatever text you like. the one above is judah's. i really dig the lion. judah is a lion of a kid. see, i had this idea. each of our children's names mean something. gabriel:strong man of God, judah: praise, elijah: the Lord is my salvation, asher: blessed/happy. we prayed these things over our boys.-- that they would be strong men of God who praise Him, recognize that true and lasting salvation only come from Him, and know they are blessed to be one of His children. so why not order a painting for each child that uses a verse that reflects what their name means? i gotta say...i LOVE the paintings with all my heart. they are exactly what i wanted.

the painting below is mine. my friend ordered it for me for Christmas. don't you love it? i love the idea of scripture hanging all over my home. and i love helping to support my friends in their ministry! so go ahead, look at her website, and order a painting if you like! i think she's sold about 700 in 6 weeks. yep. she's a pretty big deal. get one before she gets famous and they start costing thousands of dollars ;)


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