Saturday, December 31, 2011

keep moving forward

here's the pictures that SHOULD have gone on our Christmas card, but i never got around to making them. enjoy!
i just finished writing this post. read it, read it to the hubs, and decided to scrap
it. this year has kinda sucked. i'm not gonna candy-coat it for yah, people. you can handle the truth. but i decided instead of writing out the good, the bad, and the ugly about 2011, i can focus on the good things about 2011 and the things i'm looking forward to in 2012.

top 5 most wonderful, brilliant, flippin' fantastic things of 2011:

1. we adopted judah and asher, otherwise known as judy-booty and asher basher. they will hate these nicknames in years to come.

2. the hubs made it back safely from india. whew!

3. we sold our home! praise God!

4. we bought a new home, hooray!

5. we met ALL our neighbors on our new street and have had a great time building relationships
with them!

--see the exclamation points?! see?! upbeat!!

exciting things to look forward to in 2012:

1.settling into our new home a bit more, which includes but is not limited to: curtains, plate hangers, vintage books, old sewing machines, a free wardrobe (yep, FREE!) and much, much more! --all this is being typed as the hubs huddles in a corner and rocks himself. he'll be ok.

2. joining a new church. we have found one we really like and are excited to spend more time there and possibly join.

3. since the hubs has worked so hard this past year, we are planning some family trips to get away. we have not had a vacation in a long, long time, so this is exciting! rest is good.

4. reading a book my friend suggested to me about raising boys to be godly men. it's a pretty tall order to fill: raising boys who will grow to be strong spiritual leaders of their families and communities. can't wait to read it!

5. having no real resolutions whatsoever. i always say if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, but in this case, it's pretty freeing. if it gets done, it gets done. if not, it'll be there tomorrow. --a wise woman taught me that. thanks, momma.

hope all of you have had a wonderful holiday season! may you be encouraged this year in your relationship with Christ. may you remember in the easy times and the hard that God loves you with an everlasting love, desires for you to know Him more, and has promised to never leave you.

happy new year, friends!


  1. Hey, good to focus on the positive... my year kinda sucked as well. I mean a few good things did happen but all in all... kinda just sucked. glad to see and read your honest blog!!!! that's what its all about.
    missed you in blogland lately. hears to a good happy blessed new year.
    and I always fail at my resolutions and i like your outlook much better!

    free wardrobe?? cool!

  2. I can relate - not even sure I'm writing a recap post this year. Maybe, maybe not. So many blessings mixed with so much frustration, makes for a year I wouldn't do over, but one I'm glad to put behind me. Happy New Year, dear :)

  3. Last night when Charlie and I toasted, I said "Here's to a 2011 that only sucked somewhat and to 2012 which will hopefully be better!" LOL. In fact, 2011 included a new job and a cruise, but all that I can see is an adoption that fell through. It seems to cast a big shadow, but I do know that God has his hand in my new job and I'm praying that he'll have his hand in helping us be a family this year. Keep praying for us!


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