Wednesday, January 18, 2012

women of prayer

so today a friend shared a link on her facebook page. it was to this beautiful blog that is artistically crafted with imagery and i enjoyed it so much i thought i'd share. it talks about making your home a house of prayer. i realize over and over again that i am lazy in the area of prayer. i want to seize my role as a woman of prayer who diligently seeks God's wisdom and who prays for God's will to be accomplished in the lives of my loved ones. awhile back, someone told me about a great idea they had done for their husband. they took 31 godly traits (1 for each day of the month) that they loved about their husband and wrote them down with the Bible verse alongside it. they not only gave it to their husband but also prayed over the trait of the day each day. i copy good ideas, so i did that for my husband for our 6th anniversary. i love that i can support and encourage my husband through prayer. that same someone gave me a booklet when we got gabriel called "praying for the next generation" by sally michael. i just found it today while i was unpacking boxes (yep, lived here 1o months and still not unpacked). after reading the blog from today and then unpacking that box, where i also found my 1938 copy of the cokesbury hymnal, i thought i'd follow through with a bit of what i'd read on the blog. i set up a small area in my living room to be a place where my family can come together and read the Word of God and praise Him and pray for one another and our community. although i usually start things off with a bang and then fizzle out after a short while, i am prayerfully hoping that i can be a consistent prayer warrior for my family and friends. please visit the blog and share with me ideas you've used to disciple your children, pray for them or your spouse, or how you do family worship time. may God use us as instruments of influence in the lives of our families and those around us.


  1. Love Ann voskamps blog! I was actually reading today's post right before I got on Facebook and saw your post. I am reading her book right now and god is using to change my world only on chapter 6! Hope your sweet boys are doing well! Abby P.

  2. Love this! You have inspired me to be more prayerful!


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