Sunday, January 22, 2012


you may have noticed that i have changed my blogging name. my northern irish friends used to call me maggie may (one also called me ducky, but that's not quite the image i'm going for). i told my friend leanna i couldn't just change my blogging name after 2 years of blogging and she said, "sure you can!" -so here's to being a rebel. i always wanted to be irish. truth be told, i go by margaret...and i've NEVER ever had a nickname. i always wanted one. but none ever stuck. my dad was a firm believer in calling a kid what their name was, and i wasn't one to argue. i started blogging under the name marge as a joke. i always hated that nickname and thought it'd be amusing. but it's time for a change. so here we go. the rantings and ravings of maggie may. bring it.

we are sick again. i'm doing ok. but 3 of the 4 kids have ear infections. antibiotics all around, people.

we have planned our summer...that is, if we stay healthy. and i'm not gonna lie, i'm pretty excited about it. a family trip, a day out with extended family, a girl's weekend, and a trip with my kids, sis, and mom to visit my brother's family in kentucky. you might say to yourself, "who plans their summer in january?" --a mom who's stuck in a house full of sick kids for months at a time, that's who.

take your echinacea, your vitamin c, and wash your hands, people. it's a war zone out there.

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  1. Maggie it. I always wanted a nickname to.... My mother says she named me amy because she didnt like nicknames....... Most good friends call me aim... Some a few call me amies..... I kinda liked that one best.

    Ooo a summer planed in january sounds wonderful. I hope your i
    Kiddos are better quickly.


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