Thursday, January 26, 2012

lack of follow-thru? maybe.

i've been thinking about all the goals i set. educational ones for the kids, fitness ones for me, all sorts of lovely deadlines and rules. and i put it on here for all to see. and then what happens? i don't follow through and then i never update you because i don't want to see in black and white print that i don't meet goals or follow through with awesome plans.
so i thought i'd take a moment and update you...0n the plans i can actually remember making.
project 31:17
remember that one? the fitness goals? making healthier choices and getting more fit? if buying a box of russell stover's chocolates for myself and eating 85% of them in one day is a success, then i deserve a trophy. i totally fell off the wagon after the hubs got home from india this summer and have not looked back. sorry. i love dr. pepper and chocolate and relaxation more than smaller jeans and less flabby arms. (nice mental picture, huh)
educational stuff and chores for kids
remember that schedule i made for educational things to do with the kids? i actually still use it. not every day, but on slower days we sit down and do whatever is on the list. and the chore chart? we still use that, too. we've even started getting the kids to help set the table at night and they like it! victory!
so if you evaluate this closely, you'll see that two goals have gone well and one has gone poorly. i'd say that's a raging success! but i'll still refrain from writing self-help books and blogs about how to get more organized. don't you worry.

and to follow up on the gabe gabs segment:
earlier this year, after a horrible night of restless children and poor sleep, i got myself out of bed because i'm awesome and woke up my child to get ready for school. he whined, he complained, he grunted, and then he said, "mom, i'm tired," and i said, "well honey i'm tired too, but it's time to get up," and then he said, "mom, you're not as tired as i am." --he is lucky i didn't kick him. but i love him, so i will keep my feet to myself. that, and he was on the top bunk, and my high-kick isn't as good as it used to be.
**disclaimer: i don't kick children.


  1. Two out of three is AWESOME!!! I really think Gabe and Ethan could be brothers - they even think alike.

  2. Hahahha.... Maybe we should take up karate... Then when our children say Mom, your not as tired as me........ We can have an awesome high kick..... Hehe...kidding kidding kidding... Of course i just love an
    D adore when my kids tell me thAt they are more tired..... Glad its not just me.


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