Wednesday, February 1, 2012


today i bought 5 little laundry baskets. why you ask? because i have helpers. and when i bought them i thought to myself, "this is so exciting! the kids will help me!" and then the next thought was, "dang. this is sad."
parenthood changes a person.
i bought 5 laundry baskets: 1 for socks that have no mate (sad wee socks with no one to love them) and the last 4 for the boys. there's so much laundry being done around here that i can't fit it all in the basket and this way i can sort it all and the boys can take it upstairs and put it away. good priorities, right?!
around here, i've been asking for more help. help setting the table, help putting clothes away, help making beds, help cleaning, and help clearing the table. i figure that all of the boys are able to handle some responsibility. asher, though he's younger, follows the big boys. so he's in his room trying to make his bed just like the others guys. it's been pretty magnificent, i'm not gonna lie.
few things make me happier than seeing all my little busy men helping around the house. their wives will LOVE me!
yesterday they helped me clean out the big ol' suburban. each one had a job. and they earned 10 cents for helping.
it was actually pretty fun. and now our car is pretty clean. i love my helpers. even during those times that they're not feeling super helpful. we all have our moments, don't we?


  1. Their future wives will thank you when they can sew on a button, make a meal, clean up and do laundry. They will love you!

    Give me a call soon so we can catch up!

  2. How exciting! The older they get the better it gets. L has a daily chore....and she gets paid a small allowance for helping out. R just follows me around and I try to get her to at least clean up after herself...sometimes thats all I get though...sometimes she finds a rag and starts "teaning da walls (I have never ever ever cleaned my walls...thats what paint is for)" I think it is so good for little ones to have responsibilities like that!

  3. Their wives will LOVE you! Ithat was awesome.


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