Tuesday, April 5, 2011

it's all happening!

i'm back!
sorry i've been away so long! i have missed you guys!

so much has happened and instead of doing one post per special event, i'm going to be realistic and do one big whopping post. that way, you will actually be up-to-date.

here's a picture of judah's birthday. he asked for buzz lightyear cupcakes. say cheese!

on march 23, we adopted asher and judah into our forever family. it was a GREAT day! our family came to celebrate with us and we are now official! God has blessed us in ways i cannot believe! the same day, while in the courthouse, i received a call telling us we were under contract with our current home! yay only one mortgage!

(from left to right: elijah, me, judah, the hubs, gabe, asher)

the day after we adopted, we closed on our new home and started moving in. we found out at 10:07 we were closing at 10:30... God likes to teach us patience and faith. ;)

the boys now each have their own room and it is JUST as amazing and wonderfully stupendous as i had hoped! bedtime no longer lasts hours!

sunday was elijah's 3rd bday. we had a great lazy afternoon! he asked for a cookie cake. yum!
in a few weeks we will be having our gotcha party. people are coming dressed as their favorite superhero or making up one of their own. i will be supermom! stay tuned for pics on that one.

thanks so much to you all for your encouragement and prayers!
we are immensely blessed and to God be all the glory, honor, and praise!
God is good all the time. all the time, God is good.


  1. You are supermom! So happy so many prayers are being answered!

  2. I SO enjoy reading your blog. Excited about all that is happening for you!

  3. Praise God! You and your husband have truly been blessed! I am so happy for you! Contests on your new home as well. Glad that bedtime will be easier and not hours... That is such a stress.... I love the photograph of your entire family with you to celebrate such a wonderful day.

  4. Ack!! So excited for you, I'm speechless!! Praise God, wish I was there to celebrate with you, your kids are stinkin' adorable, ohmygoshwhatonearthholycowyippy!!!


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