Friday, April 15, 2011

life in the slow lane

(asher at halloween)

(asher the first week we had him)

life here is a bit slower than usual. we are enjoying it.

the adoption party is coming up soon. gabe is registered for kindergarten. we've set up the pool in the back yard.
life is good.

(first day of mother's day out last september)

summer is fast approaching and we're ready for trips to the beach and cookouts.

(gabe, judah, and elijah last summer)

i have nothing to report. and THAT is exciting! :)

so since you guys have missed a year in pictures of ALL our children together, i thought i'd include some here. most are very out of date, but i thought you'd enjoy watching our boys grow.

(asher's first bday last year)

and next weekend i'll post some gotcha party pics. promise.


  1. Yay, adoption party!

    I've been off the internet for a while, cause we weren't going to pay the high rates to email while on the cruise, but I am so excited for you guys! A family of four boys! I think you need one more: a little sister. And you should name her after me, because what name could be better? LOL.

  2. thanks sissy! glad you had a good time on the vacay ;)


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