Monday, March 7, 2011

gabe turned 5!!


well it's happened, folks. gabe turned 5. i haven't blogged in so long because things here have been a bit hectic. but here it is. better late than never.

we had a small celebration with the family and gabe got to pick his favorite place to eat. then we came home to do presents and yummy chocolate cake.

our plan is to celebrate sometime soon at chuck-e-cheese with all 4 boys since 3 of them have their birthdays in march and april.

this is the delicious cake that we enjoyed. then this weekend i turned on the oven to cook and forgot it was in there. needless to say, it's no longer edible.

sad, sad day. the death of chocolate is always a travesty in my mind.

here's some posts to look forward to (in no particular order): adoption day, moving day, new house pictures, and more birthdays.
whew. i'm tired just thinking about it.

have a great day!


  1. Holy cow!!! Why's he growing so fast?!?! Give that handsome birthday boy a big hug from me!!!

  2. awesome! You actually you forgot you were baking.... LOL I thought this only happened to me... Now I know that we are definitely kindred spirits...
    Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy! Five is so fun.

  3. Happy Birthday!!! 5 is a big deal! Im looking forward to all your catching up!

  4. Happy birthday, little guy! :)

  5. Marge, I wanted to let you know you've got a bloggy award waiting for you over at my place :) Hope you like it!


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