Friday, February 18, 2011

revelation and hard work

i figured out why gabe has been talking about wives these last few weeks.
it's because at night (not every night, so don't think i'm on the ball) i pray with the boys before they go to sleep. and usually i will pray for their future wives: that they will be godly women who are eager to support and encourage the boys and that my sons would grow to be godly men who love the Lord and love their wives as Christ loves the church. so there you go. revelation. he's not just randomly asking for a spouse. who knew?

my new attempts at productivity and being disciplined for godliness:
*i've started reading a study on jonah by priscilla shirer and although i'm only on day 1, i am really enjoying it. we just finished a study on nehemiah, which i enjoyed but it was not my favorite. what WAS my favorite was meeting with the other two women doing it. good good stuff!
*i'm also trying to finish "family driven faith" which i am really enjoying. i read a chapter and then think, "man i gotta get my rear in gear!" i'm trying to limit my tv time because it's become a lazy, slothful time where i get nothing done and then i get behind and mad at myself for being unproductive. this is only day 2 of that, so we'll see how it all pans out. i'm not being legalistic about it, just trying to put my energy into more productive things.

anyways, life is moving along here. our house should be ready end of march, the boys should be adopted around then too, but still not sure when. the hubs has some great opportunities at work coming up, and it's exciting!

what are you up to these days?


  1. I love that you pray for the boys future wives! And I love that God puts these things into their little minds.... Storing them away for future use. Amazing.

  2. Ah, how cute and wonderful! What a great way to pray! ♥ The study on Jonah is intriguing - I hope you'll post your continued opinion :)

    Not much fun happening here - moving in ten days, and I have to move everything we own from the guest room (upstairs) to the garagae, sort it all, and somehow pack it all into the back of our suv. Did I mention there's five inches of snow on the ground and it's below zero right now?? :P

  3. Oh! I so beat myself up on my "unproductive days" I end up despising that hour I spent in front of the TV! I wish I had more self discipline!

    Not much! We have been busy busy gearing up for spring youth activities!

  4. Well, in my world we are still childless, as none of the situations panned out and I am cranky and envious and not in a good mood. But then I snap out of it. It comes and goes. Loved reading your post though, it made me smile.


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