Friday, January 14, 2011

we're gonna make it after all...

a year ago today we received two precious children into our family, not knowing how temporary or permanent it would be. and today we are on our way to having them forever. before writing this post, i read the post from a year ago today entitled "welcome home" and truth be told, i remember that day to be a bit more horrific and terrifying than i let on. --so much so that i have called several people today and thanked them for helping us through such a rough time. on the post from a year ago, all the names are different (i was still playing around with their blog names), but the memory is very fresh. and now, 365 days after that post, we are doing ok. we have rough days. there is fighting, yelling, crying, and stomping of feet. --and then there's the kids' behaviors too! ;) other days are so serene i have to pinch myself to believe it can actually go this smoothly.

i am so glad we've lived to see the end of this year pass. we made it. by the grace of God, and i DO mean that, we have made it through. now all we have to do is adopt them, get through puberty with them, high school, college, marriage, and grandkids and we'll be in the clear. :) yes...i can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

so thank you guys for all your support this past year. thank you for giving me a thumbs up when i needed it. thanks for helping me to keep going. we really CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

below is a picture i had gabe draw me today. "our family." gabe is at the top because he said he's coming down a slide. an invisible slide. watch out for those. and elijah has a circle around his head because it's a hoodie. and the little antennae thingies? those are his ears. our radiant glow? our hair. and colalicious' tiny head? --because he's a baby, of course. and apparently babies look like lollipops. this is our family. soon to be our forever family. thank You, God, for these precious gifts. and help me to remember they are precious when they stink and scream and whine. You and i both know i do that, too. ;)


  1. It's so exciting to watch this, and dream with you!! What an adorable picture, I just love it!

  2. Incredible. Keep the Faith! God is so good to us!

    love that drawing. May I suggest you frame that one?

  3. amy: i plan to. the hard part is: keeping up with it until we move into our new home.

    alena: thanks! it's his first family portrait. pretty talented, i know!

  4. great post. I will use it in a sermon one day soon.

  5. Your faith encourages me friend! I am glad I found your blog through give me strength to be just a little less whiney!


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