Tuesday, January 18, 2011

gabe gabs

here's another new segment called "gabe gabs" which is where i will share some encounters with gabe. he has started saying hilarious things and telling stories which make me happy.
here's one from last week:

gabe: i'm a daddy reindeer and i have three baby reindeer in my tummy. one's name is asher, one's name is elijah, and one's name is wisemen.
me: that's an interesting name, where did you get it?
gabe: the Bible. and they're not 5, they're 15 months so they have to stay in my tummy. one's in the other pipe. and my name is stop sign.

quality stuff, right?
the end


  1. I LOVE that kid! Love him. Though, I wonder what "my name is a stop sign" means...

  2. ha! One may never know what all of that means...its pretty funny though! i am looking forward to more gabe gabs!

  3. Hi there! :) I was just stopping by to let you know I gave you a bloggy award - stop by my blog and pick it up! :) What a cutey he is! :P


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