Friday, January 28, 2011

enjoy your sunny side

this might come as a surprise to you, but marge ain't so good with the talkin'. we could make a whole segment out of horribly hilarious or terrifying experiences with my inability to express myself. it could be called marge's mangled mutterings. i'm all into this whole name-your-entries-and-make-them-segments thing. although sharing with all of you my most embarrassing stories WOULD be a hoot and a holler, i'll just share this one and then never ever do it again.

so here goes:

i was sitting next to a lovely older woman in a pedicure place while we waited for our nails to dry.
we started chatting (this is where i tend to fail epicly) and she was pretty excited that her life seemed to be coming together quite nicely with a new relationship and the like. and then it was time to go.

what i WANTED to say was something like "enjoy this beautiful day" and some combination of other words. but what came out was "enjoy your sunny side."

there you go, ladies and gentlemen. i am ridiculous and i get tongue tied. in truth, though, there ARE worse things i could have said. --so i'm ok with looking like a fool.
enjoy your sunny side, friends.


  1. ha! love it! You are right though. You could have said something that was offensive or something. But instead it was just something that didn't make sense. I kind of like it though! Think I'll start saying that to people. You could be starting a trend here.

  2. Hey it could be a new phrase. I think it's catchy! she probably just thought you were cool and hip and down with the trends...right?
    I do this same exact thing! I get flustered and I will start messing up common phrases and sayings. So frustrating!

  3. Oh my goodness! I just cracked up laughing! I'm going to tell someone that one day =)


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