Monday, January 10, 2011

90 days

i was waiting to post this until i had a definite date. but looks like our case worker isn't returning phone calls these days.

so here's the news: z-diddy and colalicious are gonna be part of our forever family!

the 90 days is up. z-diddy and colalicious will be ours as soon as paperwork is done.
unfortunately CPS doesn't seem to be in as much of a hurry as we are. we'd like it to be finalized by the time we move, but that would mean CPS has to get their rear in gear. we are blessed to have a great case manager and a great lawyer, so hopefully they'll help us get the job done.

so... in a few months i will be presenting to you judah matthew and asher townsend. judah means "praise" and matthew is daddy's middle name, which means "gift from God." asher means "happy" and townsend is my grandmother's maiden name. asher and and judah are both tribes of israel. they were brothers, which is kinda convenient since these boys are biologically half-brothers. don't pee your pants. i'm excited too!!


  1. Too late - I already peed from all the excitement!!!! I love those boys, I couldn't be happier for you guys!!!!! Praying for a quick and easy adoption process!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow praise God! What a Blessing! 2 permenant additions to your forever family. Can't wait to finally see these boys. By the way i love their names and the meanings. Beautiful.

  3. Neat!! I have y'alls gifts by the way, it just might take a while for me to have time to get to the post office to mail them. Love you and excited for your sweet family.

  4. i have trouble with names as it is. though i do like the new names, i'd be lying if i said i know who you are talking about when using the new names. SUPER STOKED FOR Y'ALL!!!1

  5. Consider my pants peed!!!! CONGRATS!!!!

  6. Marge, I wanted to let you know that I just tagged you on my blog!! Loves *hugs*


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