Wednesday, December 15, 2010

productivity just might be overrated

so christmas presents have been bought and almost all are wrapped.

i cleaned all morning. not my house, but a friend's. it feels good when it smells clean.

i have several loads of laundry to fold and put away, but for right now...

... i have my feet up. i'm blogging. and i have coffee heath bar crunch icecream waiting.

while laundry might not be done, the floor might not be swept, and the dishes might not be washed, i am here.

and for these 3-7 minutes before the kids wake up from nap, i will enjoy the solitude.

and in case you needed a little pick-me-up today, here's a hilarious picture of elijah.
he's a looker, ain't he, folks?


  1. He's such a cutey!! You are so blessed, Marge :)

  2. coffee heath bar lie...


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