Monday, December 20, 2010

a little late

here's a few pics from our trip up to the farm at thanksgiving. i'm a little late, admittedly, but thought i should post about this before all the christmas pics get posted.

what you might not know is that my parents are basically antique store owners but they don't know it. they have so many wonderful vintage things but they don't think a thing about it. i keep telling my dad he should start to sell some stuff on ebay or etsy but he doesn't know how to work a computer. and he doesn't think any of it is worth anything. hello?! country chic is in, pops.

anyways, while at thanksgiving my dad let my friend amanda jo and i look through his shed and pick out anything we wanted. aaaah, delightful.

we made out with old wooden processed cheese boxes, old buckets, an old gun, and some old, lovely bowls.

we made yummy hot dogs by the fire. it was freezing on thanksgiving day and it felt good to actually need a coat.

this is as much autumn as one gets in texas. yellow leaves.
that's it.

doesn't this cherry pie look delish? the youth at my parents' church made it for a fundraiser. i think it was totally made from scratch. i've made two pies in my whole entire life. i know. i'm quite the domestic diva, huh?

so that's our trip. we are excited about this Christmas. the boys are going to love their presents. we stick to three each. we figure if it worked for Jesus, it works for us. ;)
so i'll keep you posted. stay tuned for cute christmas morning pajama pics.


  1. Great pictures! But where are the ones of your wonderful vintage finds??? Me want SEE!! :P

  2. We loved every minute of our time with your family over the Thanksgiving weekend! Thanks for including us in your wonderful family traditions!!!

    I'm still drooling over all my goodies!!! You should see all the AMAZING old keys I got!

  3. alena, sorry but i didn't get any pics of that. AND i tried to reply to your comment right when you did it but my computer was acting up.

    amanda jo: i expect to see an awesome bowl full of them or a shadow box of loveliness when i come visit ;)


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