Friday, December 3, 2010

bridal shower

this is christina. she's marrying our friend cody. she's my new bestie.
after a few years of dating off and on, they are getting married following a 3 month engagement. finally!

recently i hosted a shower for her and thought i'd share some pics.

these are the cupcakes that we special ordered from a local bakery. the icing was HEAVENLY! i'm serious --like it was whipped in heaven and sent to earth for us to partake of. de-light-ful!
the theme was lovebirds. the lovebirds here matched the plates.

the tables had these flower arrangements as well as tulle with tea lights and sparkly jewels in it.
my friends becca and kylie helped host it and i think it was so beautiful!

and just because i know she'll be mortified when she sees that i put this picture up for all the world to enjoy, here's our friend leanna. grrr.


  1. Mortified or not, she's beautiful and sparkles with personality :) Great pictures! :)

  2. I want you to throw me a bridal shower...oh wait, I'm already married. can totally come to my baby shower, whenever we can actually have one.

  3. Cute! R is obsessed with birds....I kid you not. When we go to HEB she searches the store for birds...we have some that live in our HEB (uninvited). She gets so delighted when she finally sees one. OOOooo I love Lily's ;-)

  4. What a fun shower!!! I really love those cupcakes!!!


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