Tuesday, November 23, 2010

what it all boils down to

it's 68 degrees outside. i wish it was scarf and sweater weather,
but i shall choose to be thankful ;)

the holidays always get me thinking about how we do things around here. what do we want our traditions to be? what do we want our kids to remember...

i remember eating really hot stuffing right from the oven in a pyrex dish because i stole the idea from my sister, getting out the lovely china and setting out all the pretty place settings to commemorate the importance of the day, watching the parade on tv, pretending to play football outside after dinner, and watching white christmas or whatever movie was on that night.
what will my kids remember? what do i WANT them to remember....

and what it all comes down to for us is Christ.

sure we are blessed beyond measure that my husband has a job, we are healthy for the most part, we have a home that we can afford to pay for heating and cooling, we have a family that is growing by leaps and bounds, but the most important part is Christ.

we have been so richly blessed by His grace and His mercy. by His forgiveness and His redemption.

i am so thankful that the all-knowing, all-powerful, creator of the heavens and the earth chose to create a way for myself and Him to have a relationship together. i'm thankful that God, in His infinite power and wisdom, sent Christ to die for my sins so that by accepting Him, God no longer sees my iniquities but Christ's perfection.

so while i love turkey and dressing and family time and a warm home and yummy candles and kids all bundled up ready to play, even if there were none of that, i would still be blessed. i hope my children can look back at our holiday traditions and see that through all of it was the underlying concept that God is worthy to be praised --in every season. whether we can see the blessings or not, He is worthy.

thank You, God, for providing us with everything we need through Christ.


  1. You have a lovely home, and adorable children :) Happy Thanksgiving :)

  2. I am thankful for your post. Beautifuly put!

  3. Well said Margaret, I love the blog btw!!!!!


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