Sunday, November 14, 2010

top 10

well hello ladies and gentlemen...
how goes it?

fall is in full swing tonight at our house... candles lit, windows slightly open, snuggly pajamas on...and oh yeah, i'm sick.
but we are blessed, nonetheless, and i thought i'd do a quick top 10 to update on all the happenings.
1. halloween went great. the kids loved their costumes and looked super cute in them.


hate to break it to you, but gabe is the real ironman. i know. i blew his cover.
elijah was superman

2. z-diddy, elijah, and gabe are all in this new phase of pretending to be puppies. they pretend grapes are treats and they crawl around on all fours. it's pretty entertaining.
3. the Christmas gift list is made and i shall be purchasing these lovely trinkets in the near future. i'm trying to get the bulk of it done before thanksgiving. we'll see...
4. we have been having lots of showings on the house lately. this is very exciting.
5. colalicious has started walking. i know, i know. you're all astounded at his genius-ness.
6. we finalized the options on our next house. everyone will have their own room...except me. i have a roommate. he's cute. the hubs...he's a keeper. we should be moving in march.
7. pandora radio has a lovely Christmas station that makes me very excited. the other night we put it on and danced in the kitchen. "rockin' around the Christmas tree" and "i'm dreaming of a white christmas" (--the fun, upbeat version) always remind me of home alone, my all-time FAVE Christmas movie.
8. no news is good news with the whole colalicious and z-diddy adoption situation. our 90 days of waiting for extended family to come forward is over sometime around january 3. we are excited to see that date come and go with no hint of news.
9. colalicious has been sick this week and has NOT gotten worse or ended up in the hospital. this is a BIG deal in our house!
10. the church plant that we're helping with is coming along nicely. we are excited to see how God will use us when we live in the same city as the church plant. i can't wait to bake brownies for neighbors, hold bible studies, and share Christ with our community.
check us out!

hopefully i'll be more on the ball and blog a bit more in the near future. i're on pins and needles. ;)


  1. Your boys are so adorable!! :P I can't wait to see the other two, when they are officially yours! You're in my prayers *hugs*

  2. oooo for pandora christmas station. we are putting our tree up this weekend hopefully so i will have to check this out! praying for 1-3 to come and go!!! i too am trying to be done with Christmas shopping by thanksgiving...we will see how that goes!

  3. Love hearing all this wonderful news - with the exception of the whole being sick thing! I just cannot tell you how excited I am for all that God is doing for you all and how you're faithfully obeying Him.

    I had no idea that I had been hugging and kissing on the REAL Iron Man!!! ;) Give all your babes love for me! I miss 'em!


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