Thursday, November 4, 2010

eating brownies

it's been a rough couple of weeks. don't get me wrong, it's been delightful to have two cute official sons and two cute unofficial additions.

but we've had so much going on lately and i just can't seem to catch my breath.

the adoption, family coming in, planning a shower for my dear friend, "tia," keeping the house ready for the showings we've been having, and all the day to day stuff like keeping Rxs for the baby up to date and filled, paperwork done, etc.

the climax of all of this came when one kid is screaming, none of them can get along, i realized i was terribly late sending my neice a birthday present, and i paid WAY too much for some wonderful cupcakes that i'm sure in the long run will be worth it. not too exciting of a climax, right?


needless to say, there is no routine. there is no "laundry day" or "deep cleaning day" or "chore day" or any other form of measurable productivity. at the end of the day the beds are unmade, the floor is dirty, the dishes need to be washed, the clothes need to be folded, and i just have nothing left.

now, i get the whole "when they're 18 you won't look back and think about all the dishes you didn't'll wish you spent more time the kids" idea. i'd love for those people to come do my dishes for me so i could play a game or read a book to my kids.

anyways, tonight the hubs is out and about, the kids are tucked in, and i'm eating turtle brownies and watching 27 dresses in the hopes that tomorrow i will breathe in this fresh fall loveliness and not feel so far behind.

here we go...

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  1. I am always and forever behind! eat your brownies watch your movie and let it go!


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